Organizational Structure

Organizational Structure

Acadia Healthcare has its headquarters at Franklin in was developed to mainly develop and operate a chain of behavioral facilities in the country. The organization is led by Debbie Osteen who is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) (Acadia Healthcare – Org chart | The Org, 2022). Those under her include Chief Finance Officer (CFO), Chief Quality and Compliance Officer, Chief Medical Officer, EVP General Counsel, Operations Finance, and Senior Vice President (SVP) Strategic Affairs. The organization also has a board of directors. There are more than 20,000 employees in the company across the country as its presence is in 40 states (About Us | Acadia Healthcare, 2022).

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Debbie Osteen has been the CEO for more than four years at the organization. Since then she has contributed facilitated the acquisition of facilities as well as spearheaded the establishment of ventures across the country. She has the experience that it takes to be the leader of Acadia. Previously she worked as a vice president at the Universal Services Incorporation and led the organization’s behavioral health division for more than 18 years. She has served as an executive committee member in various institutions (Debbie Osteen – CEO at Acadia Healthcare | The Org, 2022).

David Duckworth the CFO has been working at Acadia since 2011. As a previous director of finance, the CFO has served clients who were in the health sector and that did equip him for the current role in healthcare (David Duckworth – CFO at Acadia Healthcare | The Org, 2022). Isa Diaz is the SVP of Strategic Affairs and she has been serving at the organization since 2019. She has over 30 years of experience as an executive and has worked long enough in the behavioral health sector. She has had leadership roles in managed care setups and hospital institutions.

Leadership plays an important role in the organization. It has a direct effect on the culture developed at Acadia. Leaders demonstrate and represent the beliefs and the mission the company stands for and they ensure the same values are instilled in other employees (Craig, 2018). Leaders are important in the organization since they push for social good for both the clients and the employees.

An organizational chart clearly defines every individual’s responsibility. It also ensures the workflow at Acadia is well organized and the important tasks are completed timely. This ensures employees are focused on the assigned tasks and productivity is promoted. The internal structure gives leverage and ensures there is accountability which promotes performance in the long run. The future success at Acadia depends on how every leader handles their departments and roles.

Operational efficiency is improved by both leaders and the organizational structure because employees get a clear picture of what is expected from them. Departments therefore can put focus more of their energy and time on productive tasks that enable the organization to succeed in the future. When the structure is outlined, a road map for internal promotions is provided allowing leaders to create employee advancement strategies.

Acadia Healthcare uses a tall organizational structure with multiple leaders at the top and they make most of the decisions on the internal operations (Zhang et al., 2015). Through the charts, employees are able to identify their leaders as this minimizes the time and effort used to determine where and who to pass information to. Through charts and structures, the internal workforce needs can be analyzed since the leaders and the executives have a clear picture of their various departments. Through identifying the gaps in the organization, it is easier to balance teams and ensure staffs are available to help meet the set objectives and goals.


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