Organizational psychology

Organizational psychology is the branch of psychology that studies how humans interact with their work place and how it impacts productivity. All companies or organizations have unique workplace cultures, missions, visions, hierarchies, and norms.

Imagine that you are the manager of a marketing company. You notice a several complaints about workplace bullying, poor communication, and unhealthy competition and hostility amongst employees at your company. What kind of a leader will you be? What will you do to build a culture of teamwork, respect, and civility?

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Organizational psychology
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Please answer each of the following questions in a separate paragraph. Your response should
be 200 words minimum.

  1. How can your psychology degree benefit you in your future career or academic program? In other words, what have you learned from your undergraduate education that may help you be a better employee, person, student, etc. This question is relevant even if you have no plans of working in a related field or attending a graduate program related to Psychology.
  2. How has the reflective and preparatory process in this course influenced you or your career and/educational decisions?


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