Organizational or Patient Issue

Apply professional, scholarly, evidence-based communication strategies to impact patient, interdisciplinary team, and systems outcomes.

Slides are easy to read and error free. Detailed speaker notes are provided.

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Organizational or Patient Issue
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Organize content with clear purpose/goals and with relevant and evidence-based sources (published within 5 years) with an APA formatted reference list with few errors.

1. What is the issue that you are trying to solve or improve?

2. Why should the audience care about solving it?

Relevance of an Interdisciplinary Team Approach.

3. Why is using an interdisciplinary team relevant, or the best approach, to addressing the issue?

4. How will it help to achieve improved outcomes or reach a goal?

: Interdisciplinary Plan Summary.

5. What is the objective?

6. How likely is it to work?

7. What will the interdisciplinary team do?


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