Organizational Assessment

Organizational Assessment An organizational assessment determines the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats to the organization providing the health program. While an organizational assessment can be thought of as part of the logistics planning for a health program, it is critical to have a good sense of the organizational willingness and capabilities to provide a program to address the health problem under consideration before planning proceeds. In the PRECEDE-PROCEED model, which is widely used by health educators, an organizational assessment is viewed

The asset perspective on community assessment seeks to identify and then build on the capabilities of a community and thus resolve health issues. Although the asset models have some appeal, especially to community stakeholders, gathering asset data can be challenging. No generally accepted set of asset indicators exists. And rarely does asset information exist at the time of the assessment, making data collection necessary. These disadvantages contribute to asset models being less widely used as a sole approach to needs assessment, and they are poorly integrated into the more widely used models of needs assessment.

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Organizational Assessment
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