Organization Change

1- Do you agree that organization change begins with the individual not the organization? Why or why not?

2- Which barrier discussed in the video resonated with your experience of change management the most?

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Organization Change
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3- Discuss how the principles shared in the video might facilitate a successful change project.

4- Discuss which models and principles you learned during the course relate to the approach offered in the video. Which is most similar?


Embed course material concepts, principles, and theories, which require supporting citations along with three scholarly peer-reviewed references in supporting your answer.


Positive Feelings in Stakeholders: Channeling Their Energy Ambivalent Feelings in Stakeholders: They Can Be Useful Negative Reactions to Change by Stakeholders: These Too Can Be Useful

Make the Change of the Psychological Contract Explicit and Transparent

Predictable Stages in the Reaction to Change Stakeholders’ Personalities Influence Their Reactions to Change Prior Experience Impacts a Person’s and Organization’s Perspective on Change Coworkers Influence Stakeholders’ Views Feelings About Change Leaders Make a Difference



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