Operations Plan Activity

Activity – Operations Plan Activity 1


Physician Administrators need to understand the many components of a healthcare practice they will lead and manage. Throughout this course, you will learn about the different administrative responsibilities you as a leader will need to understand and manage by developing an operations plan.


This activity will prepare you for the assignments in the course which breaks down the development of the operations plan into four parts. To accomplish this, you will need to research and understand what an operations plan is.

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Operations Plan Activity
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For this activity, you will complete the following in a 1–2 page summary. Include a minimum of two resources.

  1. Define an operations plan.
  2. Identify the key components of an operations plan.
  3. Describe each of the key components.
  4. Summarize the findings in the conclusion and include a minimum of two resources with intext citation, and a reference page.

Note: Include a cover page and reference page as required in the SWS Writing Standards.


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