Operation Security

What, in your opinion, are the main considerations of operations security? Please use outside research to back up what you say and be sure to cite your sources.

Then please see attached and respond to 2 classmates

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Operation Security
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Operation security is a risk management process that encourages managements to view operations from a perspective of an adversary in order to protect sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands. There are five steps of operational security. First, identifying your sensitive data such as your product research, intellectual property, financial statements, customer information and employee information. Second, identify possible threats. Be wary of third parties trying to steal your information, you should also watch out for insider threats, such as negligent employees and disgruntled workers. Third, analyzing security holes and other vulnerabilities. Asses your current safe guard and determine loopholes or weaknesses that gain access to your sensitive data. Fourth, appraise the level of risk associated with each vulnerability. Rank your vulnerabilities using factors such as the possibility of an attack happening. Fifth, get countermeasures in place. The step of operational security is to create and implement a plan to eliminate threats mitigate risks.



Operation Security also known as OPSEC is the best practice to keeping information secure. In order to maintain proper OPSEC people with access to the projects or task must be fully aware of what they are talking about, with who they are telling it to, and where they are talking about it. In actual practice information that is deemed confidential is only talked about or worked on within secure facilities where no personally owned electronic devices(cell phones, anything with bluetooth) or data storage devices(thumb drives, CDs) are allowed unless approved by the security officer. My main considerations for OPSEC are only talk about the task in approved areas depending on the severity of the topic, only talk to people who need to know about the project or task, and know the task or project you are working on and how it’s information is potentially harmful if in the hands of the wrong people, or overheard by the wrong people.


Akman, M. K. (2018). OPSEC Model and Applications. Security Dimensions. International and National Studies, (25), 60-81.


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