ONLINE “PRACTICE” WRITING ASSIGNMENT 1. Select any online news story of your choosing. It may be about any topic, including sports, entertainment, health, food, etc. as long as it is an article published by a legitimate, family-friendly newspaper or magazine. (TIP: This assignment will be easier if you can find a longer story. Be sure to choose one that does NOT already have news blocks included) 2. Copy the article in its entirety, including the original headline. Please indicate what the original headline was. 3. WITHIN THE ARTICLE YOU HAVE COPIED… a. Write a SEO-friendly headline. It should be 1 sentence long – no period is used. BOLD your headline. b. Write a SEO-friendly sub-headline. 4. Select two words in the article that you would use as hyperlinks. BOLD THOSE HYPERLINKS. (NOTE: You are not actually creating hyperlinks that worked – that would be included in a course on web design, etc. You simply are coming up with the idea for hyperlinks. 5. At the bottom of the article, write the names of three NEWSBLOCKS you would use in this article. (NOTE: The article you select may not be long enough to support three news blocks. If that is the case, then imagine you are doing more reporting to write a more in-depth article. If you did that, THEN what would your news blocks be called. CAPITALIZE AND BOLD THE NEWSBLOCKS. 6. Briefly (1-2 paragraphs) describe a video segment you would use to enhance the article. For example, in my stray cat article, I might include a short video that shows cats in cages, waiting to be spayed or neutered. Be brief but specific. 7. Briefly describe an audio segment (interview) that you would use to enhance the article. Using the stray cat article, I might add a 15-second audio interview of the director of the Humane Society talking about how quickly cats can reproduce. (NOTE: This example would also include video because it would have been a recorded, face-to-face interview. 8. Finally, describe a graphic element you would want a graphic designer to add to your article. What would it look like? What would it do? Again, using stray cat example, I might have a visual that allows readers to click on the silhouette of a cat, and then, through a series of clicks, the number of kittens that can be born from one female cat in its lifetime would appear. Here is the article I want:

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