OD Process

Total 3-part need be done, one and half page answer for HW part 1, half page answer for HW part 2, one page answer for HW part 3.


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OD Process
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Homework part 1- one and half page answer (please check textbook or check ppt for more information to answer)

Below each Learning Objective you are to write your explanation, in your words. Your answers must be written in full college level sentences using proper structure, grammar, and no abbreviations. Your answers may not be quotes from the text or any other source. If so, you must cite them.

CH.4 Entering and Contracting

1. Describe the issues associated with entering into an OD process.

2. Describe the issues associated with contracting for an OD process


CH.5 Entering and Contracting

1. Discuss the philosophy and purpose of diagnosis in organization development (OD).

2. Explain the role of diagnostic models in OD, especially the open-systems model.

3. Describe and apply organization-level diagnostic processes.

4. Describe and apply group-level diagnostic processes.

5. Describe and apply individual-level diagnostic processes.


CH.6 Collecting, Analyzing, and Feeding Back Diagnostic Information

1. Understand the importance of the diagnostic relationship in the organization development (OD) process.

2. Describe the methods for collecting diagnostic data.

3. Understand the primary techniques used to analyze diagnostic data.

4. Outline the process issues associated with data feedback.

5. Describe and evaluate the survey feedback intervention.



Homework part 2 (half page answer)

Discuss the value of Contracting in the Organizational Development Process.




Homework part 3 (one page answer)

Application Analyses – Performance Criteria

Read each of these in your text as they are assigned and respond fully to the question shown. Each response must reflect the criteria and lessons in the text. Responses are not to be reflective of your personal view of the situation but, rather, criteria and lessons from the text applied accordingly. Use the terms from the text in your responses. In addition, show the number of the page from which you sourced your answer. Do not show ranges of pages. Just show the page number and not an APA citation. Failure to show the page number sourced to respond will earn zero points. Include a cover sheet for each submission.



Application Analysis : Contracting with Euro-Pharma – What would you list as both the strengths and the weaknesses of this contracting process??


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