Objective Summary Assignment


now in 450 to 550 words,

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Objective Summary Assignment
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You will have an opportunity to write a short synthesis of the main points of the video, the BBC website, and the author’s introduction, including key information about Mary Shelley’s life, the context in which the story was written, the characterization of the book (romantic, gothic, science fiction), and the themes that will be explored.

When you are synthesizing information, you should pay attention to the overarching ideas of the selections. What are the main points being made? If you were going to tell a friend what you’ve read or watched, what would you emphasize? What would you focus on?

It is important too to think about the flow of information. When you use multiple sources, you can’t just follow the same organization of each of the selections, you have to think about what you are sharing overall and present it in a logical manner.


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