Nose/Mouth/Throat Sinus Problems

dysphagia, nose bleeds or discharge, dental disease, hoarseness, and throat


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Nose/Mouth/Throat Sinus Problems
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Musculoskeletal Back pain, joint swelling, stiffness or pain, fracture

hx, and osteoporosis

Breast SBE, lumps, bumps, or changes

Neurological Syncope, seizures, transient paralysis, weakness,

paresthesias, and black-out spells


HIV status, bruising, blood transfusion hx, night

sweats, swollen glands, increase thirst, increase

hunger, and cold or heat intolerance


Depression, anxiety, sleeping difficulties, suicidal

ideation/attempts, and previous dx


Weight BMI Temp BP

Height Pulse Resp

General Appearance Healthy-appearing adult female in no acute distress. Alert and oriented; answers questions appropriately.

Slightly somber affect at first and then brighter later.



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