Non-Western Work of Art

Essay: Non-Western Work of Art

This is a one-page descriptive essay of a non-western work of art from your textbook or from a museum site. You can also choose to write a descriptive essay about a work of art from a traditionally underrepresented group.

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Non-Western Work of Art
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It should be around 500 words, or one page using 12 point type.


You can include historical context and your personal views in this essay.

Please include an image of the work of art you are writing about.

I wrote a sample essay. As I was writing, I realized that writing about something essentially monochromatic was limiting. It’s a little easier to write about something with more detail and color. Think about this when you’re making your selections.

Reminder: The essay must be in your own words. You can use research as long as you put in it your own words.


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