NIMS- Operations Tempo, Manpower Response and Logistical issues

This paper will focus on the operations tempo, long term manpower response issues involved in responding to the September 11, 2001 or 911 terrorist event. These issues required extensive multi agency coordination as no one agency had the resources to handle all of the issues. In that respect you are to conduct appropriate research to identify and discuss two (2) issues that in your opinion were significant problems or failure areas in the management of, replacement of staffing and rotation of police, EMS and/or SAR personnel who responded to the 911 events. In other words “operational tempo” issues.
While we use a number of different terms to describe the reports, operational tempo issues are discussed in the official after action reports and studies concerning 911. Again do not spend any significant effort describing the general events of 911. Rather tailor your research efforts and comments to personnel or staffing related issues that involve responding over a period of time. This is not a format for a discussion of the motives of the terrorist or the non operational tempo decisions of those on scene commanders. You may select either the NYC World Trade Center or Washington DC Pentagon aspects of this event. Please cover only one of these aspects. You may address the issues as they impacted local, state AND federal assets. Keep your research to the personnel aspects and make specific connections to NIMS.
You will have to review the final after action reports to reach a level of analysis that discusses staffing and multi agency coordination issues. This is a widely studied event and potential sources of after action information include but are not limited to the following reports: or
You will find a number of quality articles in the professional journals serving the emergency management, police, fire, EMS, medical, etc. communities. I have provided the links to the most significant official AARs on this event, in this paper however, please also locate a quality discussion of the issue in at least (2) professional journals and include those journals as your two (2) required references.

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NIMS- Operations Tempo, Manpower Response and Logistical issues
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