Nightclub Promoters

It was there that Scott was introduced to the world of nightclub promoters. For the next 10 years, he worked as a promoter for 40 different clubs. It was his job to attract the “beautiful people”—the wealthy and powerful who would spend “$1,000 on a bottle of champagne or $500 on a bottle of vodka,” easily paying $10,000 for a night of partying and the opportunity to be seen in the hippest, most trendy places. In return, Scott received a percentage of the club’s sales, making $3,000 to $5,000 on a good night.

Scott became an influencer; one call from him and the beautiful people would follow him to the next “hot” club. A few phone calls made by Scott to the right people could put a nightclub on the map. Scott even received endorsements, being paid well just to be seen drinking a particular brand of alcohol.

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Nightclub Promoters
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By outside appearances, Scott had an enviable life, socializing with rich and powerful people, dating models, driving a luxury car, and living in a lavish apartment. But it was taking its toll: He became disillusioned with his hedonistic lifestyle, believing he was “polluting” himself with drugs, alcohol, and pornography, and feeling disconnected from the spirituality and morality of his childhood


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