Next Step Questions

1. This chapter discusses several reasons that out-groups form. What is the best explanation for why Ursula, Nichole, and Todd appear to be out-group members? What impact are they having on Next Step? Do they have legitimate concerns? Discuss.

2. How could the initial meeting about fund-raising strategies have been conducted so that all members were included in the decision?

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Next Step Questions
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3. Of the six strategies for how leaders should respond to out-group members, do you think that certain strategies might be more appropriate or effective in this situation given the verbalized feelings about Next Step from the out-group members?

4. How could other members of the group besides James help to build the group identity and sense of cohesion in Next Step?

5. In this situation, do you think it is worth the time and effort to try to include Ursula, Nichole, and Todd? Defend your answer.


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