News Article about Netflix

(1) Find a recent (within 3 months) news article about Netflix that describes the company’s business model. Please identify one or two factors that can influence the company’s financial performance.

(2) Preparing for a summary of the article and provide 1 or 2 short paragraphs why you think the article is relevant to the topic.
(3) Provide a link or source of the article (i.e., reference).
(4) Paper format: Use a 12-point Times New Roman font (single-spaced, 1-page maximum, excluding a reference section)
(5) Submit an MS word file for my review. Your document file name should include your last name (e.g., Name_


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News Article about Netflix
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Paragraph 1 (optional): A brief introduction about the company

In this paragraph, you may want to briefly introduce the case company, such as its primary businesses, firm size (e.g., number of employees, total assets or sales), and current market share.


Paragraph 2: A summary of the news article

In this paragraph, you need to summarize the news article using your own words. You can start with the title of the news article and its author’s name.

Note: Please do not just copy and paste sentences from the article.


Paragraph 3: Key takeaways from the news article

In this paragraph, you need to explain why the chosen article is relevant to the topics covered in class. For example, Chapter 1 discusses a company’s strategy, business model, and competitive advantage.


Paragraph 4 (optional): Conclusion

In this paragraph, you may want to suggest ideas that can excel the company’s performance. For example, a vertical integration via acquisitions may help the company’s future profitability by securing important raw materials or achieving economies of scale.



Copy and paste a link (i.e., URL) to the news article.


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