Newly Diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis

Patient 1

Age: 44

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Newly Diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis
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Condition: Newly diagnosed multiple sclerosis

Details: Lisa lives alone and doesn’t have many close friends. Her family is out of state and cannot travel to help with her care or support her. She is quite concerned about how the progression of this disease will impact her ability to care for herself and to work. She is concerned about her future and what will happen to her. What resources might be helpful for her related to her disease?

Choose a stakeholder (supervisor, care team, patient, etc.) describing the situation and requesting specific services for your afflicted patient. Your memo should:

  • Describe the disease that afflicts your patient.
  • Based on the disease and stage it presents in your patient, what level (primary, secondary, or tertiary) of care does the patient require?
  • Identify predisposing factors that can lead to the disease.
  • Describe what impact this disease has on the community/society and health care resources and services.
  • Identify 2 reliable sources where more information regarding the identified disease can be found.
  • Reliable sources include trade or industry publications, government or agency websites, scholarly works, a textbook, or other sources of similar quality.


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