New Technology

A new technology that is often discussed is the use of biometrics. Currently, biometric identification systems are already in use in a few airports and high-profile locales. Passenger identification is a critical area that lacks advancement in the industry. The lacking is significant to where a passenger with a stolen passport would be detected thus presenting a significant threat to the system. At airports, the biometric system is capable of potential integration with AI for advanced detection and screening. Biometrics can be broken down into modalities and are characterized as physiological and behavioral. We are more familiar with the physiological characteristics that include fingerprints, face, hand, palm prints, and irises. The behavioral characteristics are related to knowing how individuals act, gait, voice recognition, signature analysis, and cognitive biometrics. Due to excessive wait times at airport security biometric screening bridges the gap in operational effectiveness. The crowded areas and lengthy queues are inefficient and pose a security problem for airports. The results from the biometric e-trial gate with American Airlines showed a dramatic decrease in the time taken to board passengers through facial recognition.

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New Technology
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