Nessus Vulnerability Report Analysis

In this section, analyze and interpret the results of the report to give your boss a clear picture of the Mercury USA’s potential vulnerabilities.

As you analyze the report, address the following points:

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Nessus Vulnerability Report Analysis
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· Is it appropriate to distribute the report as is, or do you need to interpret the report, attach meaning before sending to management? Explain why or why not.

· What is your overall impression of the tool’s output? Is it easy to interpret, well-organized, include enough detail, too much detail?

· Does the tool provide enough reporting detail for you as the analyst to focus on the relevant vulnerabilities for Mercury USA?

· Name the three most important vulnerabilities in this system for Mercury USA. Why are they the most critical?

· How does the report provide enough information to address and remediate the three most important vulnerabilities?


Take Note: Judy has asked you to provide a screenshot to help her understand what the Nessus report looks like.

Screenshot Instructions

1. Open Lab 4.5.x, “Conducting Vulnerability Scans” within the uCertify Pearson CompTIA Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+) content

1. After Step 25, click on the scan “General Scan”

1. Click the Report button dropdown and choose HTML

1. In the “Generate HTML Report” dialog, click the Generate Report button

1. Open the report from the browser’s download bar at the bottom of the screen

1. Click the Show Details button

1. Take a full window screenshot that includes the date/time of the report and the date/time area of the VM’s taskbar (refer to the example below)


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