Negative vs positive Body Image In Teens

Negative vs positive Body Image In Teens

Description: In this assignment, I want you to use a bit of your imagination to do some productive creative writing. Specifically, you will write a short script for a scene from a play. While this may sound odd in the context of the class, I believe this assignment will get you to think about the discourse in which you are participating. Questions to consider include: what are the major arguments?

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Negative vs positive Body Image In Teens
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Who are the major players? And, how do these figures and ideas relate to one another. In other words, now that you understand the values and conventions of your discourse, I want you to bring your focus to a specific controversy. In doing so, you will clarify the different points and stakes of various positions.

This assignment will function in two parts, each worth five points each.

Part 1: Read through your annotated bibliography. As you review your sources, identify a particular controversy within your topic. Then, in a very short paragraph, please introduce me to the nature of the debate within this discourse community. What is the controversy? What disagreements need clarification? How did people start talking about this controversy in the first place? What are the exigencies of this disagreement?

Part II: Now that you have introduced me to this controversy, I want you to use your expertise in this subject matter to write a work of creative drama. In other words, I want you to write a short scene for play. Here is the play: imagine that three authors from your annotated bibliography are in a room together. As they sit in this room, what do they talk about? What do they say? What do they ask? What do they claim? Do they agree with one another? Do they disagree? Do they agree about some things, but disagree about others? I want you to imagine this conversation and write it down. By thinking through this discussion, you will clarify the different positions and stakes within your discourse.


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