Negative impact of social media


Objective: Employing what we have learned of argument (evidence, appeals, opposition, etc) and of audience (targeting, rhetorical strategy, sensitivity of delivery) to construct a reasonable, balanced, position argument essay over a controversial topic. Research and document sources employing methodologies recommended by the Modern Language Association (MLA), described in our textbooks and in class.

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Negative impact of social media
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The Assignment: Persuade a designated audience toward your perspective in a documented position argument.

Issue: I ask that before you decide on a topic for this assignment that you first look through Issues and Controversies and Opposing Viewpoints. These databases can be found through the Butler Library database. Try to avoid exploring common and over argued topics; there are topics that I do not allow such as abortion, death penalty, marijuana legalization, the lowering of the drinking age, and any topic pertaining to religion. Please note that these are easy topics to argue, and there is really nothing new to add to them.

Length: 5-7 pages in proper format as per syllabus. (The Works Cited page is NOT included in the word/page length. You should have the minimum of YOUR text.)

Audience: Satisfying audience is the objective of this assignment. The objective is to reach your reader. The best method of working that audience toward your ends would be (at the very least) acknowledging the other side and establishing common ground.

Sources: Use at least five quality sources. Two of these resources have to come from the Butler Library database. Please note that you can use resources found through these databases:  Issues and Controversies, Opposing Viewpoints, Academic Search Premier and/or Proquest. The other three may come from Google or another search engine, but quality will be determined not only on how generally credible and sound a source may be, but how relevant and appropriate that source is for the particular rhetorical situation you have created (ie. for your audience). Give your readership what it needs, from sources it will attend to.

  • You may not use all of the same source. This means you cannot use all internet sites or all scholarly journal articles or all books. You need to show that you have gotten research from a variety of places in a variety of types.
  • The employment of sources must clearly be supportive of the overall argument. Sources should be evidence, not the argument itself.

Documentation: As sources are used in the body of the essay, they must be cited appropriately according to MLA documentation guidelines both in-text and on the works cited page. If a student uses any other style than MLA, the essay will be returned and the student will be asked to revise it using MLA. If the student fails to revise the essay using this style guide, then a zero will be awarded to the assignment.

Clarity: All audiences expect a clean reading of a finished manuscript. Give yours a very good polishing, as clarity is worth 30 points this round.


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