Nazi Camps

Nazi Camps <- your first lab link

Concentration Camps, 1933-1939 <- your second lab link

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Nazi Camps
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Concentration Camps, 1939-1942 <- your third lab link

Concentration Camps, 1942-1945 <- your fourth lab link

Concentration Camp System <- your fifth lab link

1. Why were the camps commonly referred to as “concentration camps”?

2. Choose one of the concentration camps discussed in the articles and follow the links to learn more about this camp. Describe the camp, including where it was located and what the experience of those brought to the camp would have been.

3. What were the first concentration camps like? What were they used for?

4. How did the camps change after WWII broke out in 1939?

5. Choose one artifact from the Nazi Camps—Artifact/Document page and describe what you chose.

6. What might prisoners in the concentration camps have experienced

during the last year of WWII?

Consider and discuss how SS guards, who were apparently psychologically typical, could participate in the violence of the camps and einsatzgruppen.

Why was there so little resistance from the German people?

1. What were the four stated goals of Operation Reinhard and how were these implemented?

2. How did Treblinka, Sobibor, and Belzec differ from other concentration camps built earlier?

3. How did the Nazi party maintain secrecy regarding the Final Solution?

4. Why was the Madagascar Plan not used?

5. Why were some individuals, including WWI veterans, to be spared the Final Solution?


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