Navigating Boundaries And Self-Disclosure

Consider a time in your practicum or work setting in which a client asked you to share information about yourself.

What did they ask you to share? How did you respond? Using the NASW Code of Ethics and the readings for this module to inform your thinking, do you think your response was in-line with best practice guidelines? What might you do differently if you could re-do the situation? If there are any parts of the situation you are unsure about or would like to receive feedback on from the professor and your classmates, please share that here.

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Navigating Boundaries And Self-Disclosure
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Please refer to at least two of the readings from the module in addition to specific parts of the NASW Code of Ethics in your response. Use APA style for your citations  and include references at the bottom of your post.

Your initial discussion board post should be between 200 – 300 words in length.


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