Nature vs. Nurture Essay

One of the great psychological issues of the 20th Century has focused around the “nature” versus “nurture” debate. That is, is it biology or environment that influences our psychological processes? Discuss this issue in regard to aggression. Is aggression learned or inherited?
To help guide you, the following points are provided:
Read the articles provided, and a wide variety of other theoretical and empirical research articles on the topic.
Map out what your essay will argue with the points you will make and the references that you will use in support of each point before you begin writing your essay.
Make sure you develop an argument which is based on logic and evidence and not just on personal opinion or popular belief.
Clearly introduce your topic and the structure or plan of the essay to follow.
Make a clear statement in the introduction about what your argument in this essay will be (this is often referred as a thesis statement)
In the body of the essay, provide comprehensive coverage of the references you have used.
Use sign-posting to clarify your argument to your reader with each point you make.
Finally, come to a clear conclusion, and reinforce the position of your essay. Note your conclusion should not be the same as any particular theorist you may cite.
There is no one “right” answer. However, your argument should be justified by the theoretical and empirical research you have provided in support of the argument.
Required readings:
Chapter 5: Learning Bernstein et al. (2018), in particular, pages 234-236.
Pages 832-839 from Chapter 15 Social Cognition and Influence Bernstein et al. (2018)
O’Shea & McKenzie (2013) Chapter 3: Writing Essays. Available as an e-book, please visit:
Starter references:

Brendgen, M., Vitaro, F., Boivin, M., Dionne, G., & Perusse, D. (2006). Examining Genetic and Environmental Effects on Reactive Versus Proactive Aggression. Developmental Psychology, 42(6), 1299-1312.
Feshbach, S., & Tangney, J. (2008). Television Viewing and Aggression: Some Alternative Perspectives. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 3(5), 387-389. doi:10.1111/j.1745-6924.2008.00086.x
Please note that you will need to source further articles in addition to the above provided. Please avoid the use of websites (e.g., news articles, blog posts), Google or Wikipedia. You should aim to use reliable, well-researched journal articles and books.

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Nature vs. Nurture Essay
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