National Response Plan in Katrina and the decision not to activate the Catastrophic Incident Annex

Identify research and discuss two (2) areas concerning the decision not to implement the entire National Response Plane (NRP) in response to Katrina, specifically the decision NOT to activate or use the Catastrophic Incident Annex (CIA).
In this paper you are to research and address NRP/NRF issues as they pertain to Hurricane Katrina, 2005. Specifically you are to identify and discuss two (2) issues that in your opinion were significant factors relating to the highly political decision not to implement the entire NRP in response to Katrina. Specifically you are to address the decision not to implement the Catastrophic Incident Annex (CIA). As I am providing multiple links on this issue, your two (2) references should be obtained from professional journals that discuss this decision. Please limit your research to impact of the decision not to implement the entire NRP, specifically the CIA which authorizes the federal government to bypass state/local governments in responding to this type of event. Do not discuss the wide range of other events or other issues relating to Katrina. Do not focus on the political aspects of that decision. Also this is NOT a who is at fault for the problems or other issues that occurred in response to Katrina. Focus your efforts and discussion on the Catastrophic Incident Annex issue and the impact of the decision not to invoke the provisions thereof. In this DB you may address the local, state and federal connections or issues concerning this decision but please only as they pertain to the CIA, and only as you find reviewed in official reports or professional journals.
The he said/she said issues generally reported in sources such as Wikipedia, blogs, popular media sources, etc. are NOT relevant and are not to be used as references. These sources simply lack depth, lack creditability, etc. In my view the popular reporting on all sides of the issue, as is common with many issues, is more politically motivated than fact based. I want you to examine the factual basis of the results of the decision not the political basis to make the decision.
In 2005, Michael Chertoff, US Department of Homeland Security Secretary 2005-2009, invoked the NRP in response to Katrina. However he elected not to invoke all of the NRP. For a quick review of the time line of Katrina events see: . Please note that there are multiple versions of the NRP based on dates of implementation as well as multiple web sources to review the plan. You may experience some research difficulty due to the shift from NRP to NRF.
For the current plan summary see: ).
For the 2004 entire plan see: .
For the 2008 NRF plan and annexes see: For the DHS news release on the NRP see: .
DHS Secretary Chertoff and President George H. W. Bush received considerable public criticism for the federal response to Katrina. A good bit of that criticism was for not activating the entire plan, specifically the Catastrophic Incident Annex (CIA) which addresses manmade and natural incidents including terrorism. A key element of the CIA is the ability to permit the federal government to circumvent some legal and procedural issues such as the 1878 Posse Comitatus Act which restricts the use of active military forces in domestic law enforcement acts. By invoking the CIA the federal government would not have to wait for States to request assistance. There are a number of aspects to the CIA. Mississippi Governor Kathleen Blanco and New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin received lesser degrees of criticism for their actions in responding to Katrina and to the CIA aspect of the event. Everyone generally pointed at the other guy and said he/she is to blame. My concern is that you focus not on the finger pointing aspect but on the actual decision NOT to implement the CIA. President Barack Obama received the same type of public criticism for his administration’s response to the 2010 Gulf of Mexico/Deepwater Horizon/BP oil spill.
Please address the CIA issues after you have had the opportunity to conduct appropriate research. One source for a range of official after action reports is the US Air Force, Air University web site, see: . One of the DHS after action reports on Katrina is located at: . There are many other sources to locate official after action reports on Katrina and academic quality discussions of the relevant issues.

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National Response Plan in Katrina and the decision not to activate the Catastrophic Incident Annex
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