Narrative Essay Prompt

A personal narrative essay relates experiences from your own life using storytelling techniques to draw the reader into a personal event or incident. In 600-800 words, write a narrative essay in response to one of the two following topics:

1. Think back in your life to something you did or said that makes you proud. Describe the event, what you did or said, and how your decision impacted your life.

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Narrative Essay Prompt
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2. Think back to an experience that had a significant effect on your life. Describe the experience, why it was so impactful, and how your life is different today because of it.

Your personal narrative essay should have a sequential organization that tells your story linearly from beginning to end. It should provide details about the events surrounding the topic, as well as descriptions of the setting, the people involved, and/or your personal thoughts about what was happening at the time. Rather than requiring research, this assignment requires attention to detail and description as a major component of the final grade. Review this lesson to help guide the format and organization of your narrative essay.

Please write your essay in APA format.


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