Narrative Argument

1) your STORY topic for Project 1 (narrative argument/ actually what the story is–plot, character, etc.) –“I am telling the story of a moment when . . . . .” , [REMEMBER TO STUDY THE ASSIGNMENT SHEET CAREFULLY BEFORE YOU POST A TOPIC — THERE ARE IMPORTANT PARAMETERS, such as your narrative happening in a BRIEF amount of time, perhaps only 5 minutes!] and

2) how you plan to CONVINCE readers of your narrative assertion.    (You may explain HOW your story HAS AN ARGUMENTATIVE ISSUE LIVING INSIDE OF IT, or give some steps to how you will TELL THE STORY to create argumentative power within it); the story you tell must reveal itself THROUGH the story–not easy!

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Narrative Argument
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(mix it up to include everyone, please!; you are welcome to respond to more than two posts, but do not respond to one that already has feedback!) 

Note: if you post your own topic but do not respond to others, you will earn only partial credit.


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