Narrative Analysis

Film Analysis #3 – Narrative Analysis


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Narrative Analysis
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For this assignment you are to analyze how narrative is developed in the movie “Silver Linings Playbook.”  It is available here on Blackboard or on Netflix (better quality). You should focus on a specific scene, character, example of acting or dialogue and describe how it builds the central story of the movie. Your main goal is to explain how the specific element you are analyzing influences how the audience understands and responds emotionally to the film’s narrative.


Grading Rubric:

This paper analyzes film narrative with 4 grading criteria:

  1. Define the element of filmmaking being analyzed, being sure to incorporate information from the text book and course materials (cite the page #).
  2. Describe how that element of filmmaking is used in a specific scene (with time stamp).
  3. Detail how the scene develops the film’s narrative in a specific way.
  4. Identify how the scene contributes to the movie’s overall story and the audience response.


500 words maximum. You need to be very specific in what you chose to analyze. You will NOT be able to analyze multiple scenes or elements of film form. Get right to the point and be concise.

Grading – 48 points possible (you will receive a score of 1-12 on each of the 4 criteria above):

Excellent (11-12pts) Good (9-10 pts) Sufficient (7-8 pts) Insufficient (4-6pts)
Thorough explanation that is directly connected to the text book and course materials. Detailed description that appropriately illustrates the relevant element of film form (scene, character, dialogue,). Thoughtful discussion of the meaning & narrative significance of the chosen example. Sound explanation with limited connections to course materials. Clear but general description of film form. Clear but less substantial discussion of meaning and narrative significance. Some explanation offered with little connections to course materials. Partial description of film form. Slight discussion of meaning and significance. Unclear or no definition offered with unclear or no connections to course materials. Incoherent or no description of film form. Trivial or no discussion of meaning or significance.



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