Narration and Description Exercises

Narration and Description Exercises
Snapshot Sentences
Write a “snapshot” sentence for each of the following actions. A snapshot
sentence is a descriptive sentence which gives a clear, interesting picture
of a single action or character.
Example: Parallel parking a car in heavy traffic.
Her heart raced and palms sweat each time she hit the curb; she gripped the
steering wheel and watched an endless stream of cars speed past her little Honda
1. A figure skater falling on the ice.
2. A dog begging for food.
3. A basketball coach watching his team in a tight game.
4. A college student taking a seat on the first day of class.
5. An angry parent as his or her child slips in at 2am.
Using Figurative Language Exercises
The following descriptions are inadequate because they are too general
and abstract. Rewrite each sentence using similes and metaphors to
make the description more vivid. Try not to write strained or mixed
metaphors and similes.
Example: The trees looked beautiful swaying in the breeze, and they
smelled fresh and clean.
The cherry trees swayed in the breeze like graceful dancers, and their blossoms filled
the air with a scent unmatched by any expensive perfume.
1. Doug and Patti were very proud and excited when they unlocked the front door of
their house for the first time.
2. The crowd at the football game was really excited by the action on the field and they
cheered a lot..
3. When Shandra rose from her chair, the first student to give a speech in her new
public speaking class, she was very nervous. Her hands were clammy and her knees
felt weak.
4. As he walked along the shore in the rain, Louis felt lonely and depressed.
5. As he waited for his interview for the position of financial administrator, Tyrone was
frightened and dreaded facing the panel of interviewers.

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