Name of Organization: Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH).


  1. Name of Organization: Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH).
  2. Type of Organization: Hospital.
  3. Mission/Vision/Values:

Mission: The mission of JHH is to improve the health of the population through setting high standards starting from proper education of the medical personnel. JHH educates both students and professionals to partake research in the medical field, thus finding cure for human ailments.
Vision: To reach more people in various parts of the word and give them hope in terms of proper medical administration and discovery; to bring hope to human race across board by improving healthcare through expanded education in the medical field.
Core Values:
Excellence and Discovery
Johns Hopkins Hospital tries to be the best in the medical field by doing all necessary requirements to give quality medical assistance and encourage its staff to be innovative and creative.
Leadership and Integrity 
Johns Hopkins Hospital is resolved to be a good example by encouraging its members to be the best and do what is right.
Diversity and Inclusion 
Johns Hopkins Hospital upholds openness in order to embrace and value different backgrounds, opinions, and experiences.
Respect & Collegiality 
Kindness is a virtue that concerns Johns Hopkins Hospital. The organization gives room to every individuals’ ideas while undertaking daily activities.

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Name of Organization: Johns Hopkins Hospital (JHH).
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  1. Scope of Services: JHH has signed scope of services with various partners, which includes supplies of medical products, services, as well as research and development among others.
  2. Locations: 1800 Orleans Street, Baltimore, Maryland, United States.
  3. Geographic Service Areas: JHH operates other four outpatient facilities in Baltimore and Washington. In addition, it has a branch in St. Petersburg, Florida, which specializes in children. JHH helps patients globally through the Grand Rounds platform.
  4. Marketing Opportunities:

Through partnering with the Grand Rounds’ operations, the hospital can set up some of its branches in the remote areas. In this way, the organization will expand its scope.

  1. Value of Opportunity:

The opportunity for the organization is in the remote areas. Since it does not directly handle patients from these areas, it can expand to deliver its services.

  1. Alignment with Organizational Objectives:

Most remote areas are neglected in terms of proper healthcare. Therefore, marketing in these areas will end up achieving the mission of the organization of improving healthcare in the wider community.


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