Myth or Reality?

Paper Four: Myth or Reality?

Length: 4 to 6 pages

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Myth or Reality?
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Assignment: Over the course of a nation’s history many statements become part of the public
belief system without much scrutiny. Some of them are myth, some reality, some are half-truth.
This assignment asks you to pick one such statement about the U.S. (see the list provided on the
back page) and research it to determine if it holds up to evidence.
To accomplish this task, you will need to cite from no less than three (3) credible sources, one of
which should be from a scholarly source (a journal article, TED talk, web article, or book). You
should use MLA (8th ed.) citation style; strive to be as accurate as possible (consult the COD
Library’s page on “Citing Sources” for bibliographic citations, as listed in Unit Five).
Audience: Assume your report will be read and heard by young voters much like the students in
our class. Be sure to consider their prior knowledge and attitudes toward your statement as you
decide what to tell them and how to change their thinking on this topic.
What to Turn In:
When submitting the paper, please submit the following items (in the following order):
• Final typed draft
• Works Cited (MLA) page
• Peer Review Form (if completed)


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