Summarize each of the research papers in a separate paragraph (e.g., 4 paragraphs total for 4 research papers).

1. Describe the motivation the authors had for their work. What makes their work so important? (You may find it useful to provide some background and context here.)

2. Who would be interested in reading this paper (domain experts, GVSU departments, outside organizations, etc.)?

3. What are the paper’s main research hypotheses or contributions?

4. What did the researchers do to test their hypotheses or achieve their research contributions?

5. What are the long-term contributions that will still be relevant 10, 20, 30, … years from now?

6. Which of its citations appear to be the most relevant resources for exploring this topic further?

Note: you do NOT need to locate, download, and read any of the articles citations/references, but you should clearly list the papers that you would locate and read to learn more.

It is highly recommended (but not required) that you use Overleaf ( to write your summaries using the IEEE VIS paper format ( This will help make writing your reports for your project easier since you will already have familiarity with Overleaf. You may also find that some of the papers you read for this assignment are useful to your project, and you are encouraged to find a topic related to your project for this very reason.


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