Real estate is an important decision for businesses to make. Does it make sense to lease some space or would it cost less to purchase some property? To purchase property, many businesses need to take out a mortgage.

Post 1: Initial Response

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You want to investigate whether it will make financial sense for your business to purchase some real estate. Find a commercial property that is for sale in your area that your business could use (purchase price must be at least $20,000). Include the URL that will take the class to the webpage for the property.

You will finance 80% of the purchase price. Using 5% as the interest on your 30-year fixed rate mortgage, calculate the monthly payment.

Next, calculate the payment using the same 5%, but for a 15-year mortgage. Show all calculations in your post.

Using several sentences discuss the results of your calculations and what you think is the best decision for your business to make regarding purchasing the property.


GEL-1.02: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard English.

For the Unit 7 Discussion Board, you will write a 250-word minimum descriptive essay about mutual funds. You have been promoted to the Head of Fund Sales at your brokerage firm. In order to drum up new business, you have decided to create a Beginner’s Guide to Mutual Funds that your firm will mail out as advertising.

Post 1: Initial Response

As part of the body of your essay you may include:

· How to invest in mutual funds

· How to choose which mutual fund to invest in

· Benefits of investing in mutual funds

· What a mutual fund invests in

Every piece of writing should have an introduction, 3 body paragraphs, and a conclusion.

You need to include at least one reference, not including the textbook. Your outside sources for this essay need to be cited in proper APA format. You can find numerous APA resources in the  Writing Center Writing Reference Library  on the Research, Citation, and Plagiarism page.

Your essay should include a highly developed purpose and viewpoint; it should also be written in Standard American English and demonstrate exceptional content, organization, style, grammar, and mechanics. There should be no evidence of plagiarism. If you are unsure about what constitutes plagiarism, please review the plagiarism policy.



In your business, you are constantly reviewing your sales to determine how well your business is performing. You review weekly sales to evaluate the performance of the business week over week as well as to compare to the same weeks in previous years.

Post 1: Initial Response

Use Excel to generate a random list of 52 numbers that will represent the weekly sales of your business with a minimum of $10,000 and a maximum of $100,000. Next, use Excel functions to calculate mean, median, mode and standard deviation of your data. Watch this video to show you how to do this. Include the Excel spreadsheet in your post. Using several sentences, discuss how the mean, median, mode, and standard deviation calculations might help you make business decisions.


The link:


It is your task to make a presentation regarding the health of your business over the last 4 years. After showing the trend your business is on, you will recommend future action steps to make those trends better.

Post 1: Initial Response

Find a public company’s sales, gross profit, or net income data from the last 4 years online. Include the URL that shows the data. Complete a 4-year trend analysis using the last 4 complete years of data.

Enter the data into a blank Excel spreadsheet and use formulas to calculate the percentage of the base year. Watch this video to show you how to do this. Include the Excel spreadsheet in your post.

Using several sentences, discuss the results of your trend analysis with some potential investors and recommend future action steps the business will take based on your results.


The link:



For most businesses, keeping an accurate account of their inventory is critical to their success. There are different methods that can be used for inventory costing.

Post 1: Initial Response

Describe a business that you dream of running someday or already run. Using several sentences, discuss which of the inventory costing methods you would choose for your business: Specific Identification, Weighted Average, FIFO, or LIFO. Discuss why you chose this method for your specific business. Discuss some advantages and/or disadvantages the method you chose has for your business.


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