More restriction on immigrants or more immigrants

Write a 4-6-page (~1,000-1,500 word) paper with a standard, 12-point font, double-spaced lines, and 1” margins responding to the prompt. There are five argument/debate topics I have supplied:

  • Raising the Minimum Wage: For or Against
  • “Police/Criminal Justice Reform” or “Black-on-Black Violence” — What is the main issue we should be focusing our time and resources on (at least when it comes to matters of Criminal Justice)?
  • Public Transportation: Should it be free?
  • Streetcar Renaissance: For or Against. Are Streetcars a wise choice for cities?
  • Immigration to the United States: More Restrictions or More Immigrants?

For each of these topics or issues, I have clipped some blog posts, articles, and editorials from the web (available on iCollege under “Content > Argumentative Paper Assignment > Paper Topics & Source Material”). These articles and writings are to serve as a limited source of (sometimes biased) background, opinion, satire, and argumentation to serve as a springboard for writing longer argumentative passages. I’ve selected at least one piece of writing that falls either side of these selected debates. Sometimes, these articles’ arguments are all one-sided, and don’t concede an inch to the opposed position, making the issue seem to be a stark black or white choice. Sometimes the authors present more nuanced positions, conceding some to their opponents, or straddling the issues in various ways. (You may supplement your understanding of these issues with your own research and turn up new papers/articles: just remember to evaluate these new sources for quality; and when in doubt, run them by me.)
You are to write an argument supporting a side in one of these debates, and using/drawing upon two articles from the debate topic, one from each side of the issue. Your own position may be more nuanced than simply “pro” or “con” in a given debate: you can split-the difference on the issue as long as you insightfully explain precisely how and why.

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More restriction on immigrants or more immigrants
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