Monopoly on the Use of Force

First: 200+ words

Hi Everyone,

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Monopoly on the Use of Force
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For our discussion this week, I want you to consider the question of “what do you think Max Weber meant when he said the state is defined by having a monopoly on the use of force?” As we have seen, the state is a geographical (territory) with jurisdiction over people and a government and it also has state sovereignty, but what does Weber mean here?

I know we have a midterm towards the end of the week, but this conversation will help you prepare for the midterm as you will be asked about the “state.”

Second assignment: Hi Everyone,

As we discussed last week, we are beginning to think about what your research paper will be for this semester.

For this assignment, what I want you to do is submit in one paragraph (5-6 sentences) your research topic.

The paragraph should include: (1) Your overall topic. This is the broad part of your proposal. Are you interested in democracy, war, representation, social movements, economic development, etc.; (2) Specifically, your research question. What is it that you want to address within your topic (we are now getting narrower here). You want to think of something you can answer, and be as specific as possible here. (3) How does this fit into political science or the study of politics and government.

There are no right or wrong topics to discuss (unless it really has nothing to do with politics). I want you to write and research about a topic YOU find interesting. This will also allow me the opportunity to assist you in this early stages of your project by helping you narrow the paper down to something manageable. I will upload the overall rubric for the paper later this week, but for now I want you to let me know what you are thinking about writing. You did some great work on this at our workshop last week!

Let me know if you have any questions!



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