Mobile Devices

A desktop computer is more physically secure than laptops,  smartphones, and tablets because it is often kept in one location,  making it easier to protect. Desktop’s access to internet usually comes  from a single source, which help to fight malware easier.

Each one of these items have different practices when it comes to  secure your device, these are a few ones that they have in common:

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Mobile Devices
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Always run updates, avoid public or suspicious Wi-Fi, enable remote  lock, enable user authentication, turn off device when not in use, and  restrict physical access to device.

I’m already implementing a few security practices on my mobile device  to protect it from being hacked. For example, I try to avoid social  media apps as much as possible ( I do not have Facebook, Twitter, Tik  Tok). Instagram is the only social media platform I have, and I always  try to share as less information about myself as possible.


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