Micro Read

With this method, the entire microchip is manually viewed through the lenses of an electron microscope to examine the data visible therein, particularly the physical circuits on the microchip. Micro reading is a costly, drawn-out process that needs the maximum expertise and is only employed in dire national security situations.

Case study

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Micro Read
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CSI wife killers case Ireland

The most famous wife killers in Ireland are the “CSI wife killers,” guys whose murder cases captivated the country and whose heinous acts sent shivers down the public’s bones.

Joe O’Reilly, Eamonn Lillis, and Brian Kearney are currently being physically assaulted in jail for the murder of the women they spent their days with.

Kearney and O’Reilly are presently on life sentences for homicide, while Lillis was finally judged responsible for the murder of his spouse. Senior gardai built complex cases against all these three criminals, but despite their disparate offences, they had many things in common.

Although to solve these crimes, police had to rely heavily on advances in forensic technology and scientific research. There is little uncertainty that obtaining convictions in such cases just 20 years ago could have been practically impossible for the gardai. Gardai nowadays are adequately equipped to investigate significant crimes thanks to advancements in forensics, Surveillance, and the ability to get evidence from smartphones and email.


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