Method Justification and Explanation


This paper intends to investigate the role of school principals in supporting inclusive schools in Umm AL Quwain (UAQ). From the literature, the study provides detailed and precise knowledge of school administrators’ role in managing and supporting educational systems and changes in inclusive schools. The research next identifies and investigates a set of elements that exist in the field of inclusive schools and affect SODs’ learning and adaption in the classroom. Finally, the study lists practical school innovations and techniques that special and general education teachers believe can assist principals in promoting inclusive schools. The researcher will employ a qualitative approach.

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Method Justification and Explanation
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The researcher will do qualitative research, which will focus on the human experience through analyzing people’s ideas and lived experiences to explain and give meaning to them. This characteristic of qualitative research will allow the researcher to analyze and better comprehend and describe, the experiences of teachers in inclusive schools with their principals, considering the settings and surroundings. According to Creswell, qualitative research allows the researcher more flexibility in researching themes as they occur and allows participants to shape the research direction and openly share their perspectives.


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