Merits of Global Branding

2. Should Haier market Maytag’s current brand names or should Haier replace Maytag brands with the Haier corporate brand Name?

· merits of global branding, multi-product brand

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Merits of Global Branding
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· pros and cons for marketing vs. replacing Maytag’s current brand names

3. How much is the Maytag Corporation approximately worth? If Haier submitted a bid for Maytag, what would be a bid price?

· from a financial perspective (price-earning or P/E ratio):

Ø  market value = “multiple” x EPS x common shares outstanding

Ø  industry “multiples” ranges from 16-21

Ø  projected earning-per-share: $.54 (2005), $.75 (2006), and $.80 (2007)

Ø  common share outstanding = dollar value of bid ($1,13 billion)/share price bid ($14)

· What the biding price is actually buying (tangible and intangible) based on Maytag’s consolidated balance sheet for 2004 (Exhibit 8A)?

· from a strategic perspective (how much is the Maytag worth to Haier) — benefits, cost and opportunity cost

Answer each question seprerately in an organized way. only use info from case.


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