Mental Illness

Background: You have been tasked by your organization to put together a support flyer for a specific psychological or mental health disorder or illness in your area (e.g., bipolar, depression, PTSD, GAD, alcoholism, schizophrenia, autism). The flyer should be framed to support and educate a specific group of people (parents, loved ones, caregivers). You will create a flyer using the resources in Topic 7. Before starting your assignment, conduct research on your selected disorder/mental health illness in the city where you live. Identify several resources for local support groups and therapeutic clinics in your area. Review each website or resource you visit and make notes of what you found helpful or informative.

Directions: Select a specific mental illness/disorder and create a supportive educational flyer which addresses the following:

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Mental Illness
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Describe the mental illness or disorder selected (description, symptoms) and what others can expect from an individual suffering from the disorder or illness.

Discuss stigmas (myths or false beliefs) associated with the mental illness selected.

Identify and describe a minimum of one treatment option.

List three local community resources for a person diagnosed with this illness or disorder. Include information on who can receive the support/treatment at these locations. Contact information is required (address, phone number, website).

When creating the flyer, consider the following:

A specific population whom this flyer would be especially beneficial. For example, a flyer illustrating PTSD may be written to address soldiers or their family members. With this in mind, ensure that information and resources are focused on the selected population. The target group should be obvious based on the visuals, and resources provided.


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