Mental Illness

The selected problem is a mental illness which is a problem that affects the normal health and the well-being of the individuals. This condition affects all age groups, and the management of the symptoms plays an important role in enabling patients to resume their normal health. Even though various medications such as antidepressants help manage the symptoms, the role played by cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) cannot be ignored. Addressing the issue of mental illness through CBT as an intervention has a significant role in improving the well-being and health of the population. It helps change the automatic negative thoughts that lead to or worsen the emotional challenges, depression, and anxiety. It helps remove or reduce the negative thoughts that have a detrimental impact on the mood.

Addressing the mental illness using CBT therapy enables individuals to learn to be their therapists. They get the opportunity to develop coping skills, thus allowing them to change their thoughts, problematic emotions, and behavior. By developing coping strategies, individuals can deal with challenges hence effective for persons with depression, panic disorder, and different mental health conditions. Apart from the patients benefiting from the CBT, community members benefit by experiencing a low rate of mental illnesses resulting from full recovery and improvement in the symptoms. The families experience a reduction in healthcare spending due to the early recovery of the sick family members. The healthcare providers such as psychiatrists get satisfied with the services they deliver to the patients.

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Mental Illness
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