Mental health treatments and therapies

Write an essay, discussing the following question: “Can mental health treatments and therapies designed on a ‘one size fits all’ principle be successful or might it be necessary to consider each individual’s unique combination of biological, psychological and social circumstances?” In writing your essay you will need to discuss whether there are circumstances or conditions in which a ‘one size fits all’ approach might be applicable, and consider in what situations individualised treatment approaches are, or might be, preferable. You will be awarded marks on your ability to select and integrate different lines of argument and evidence from across the module texts and the multimedia map and so you should aim to draw on all of these resources. Remember that a good essay does more than describe the evidence. It explains how the evidence fits the argument you are making. Marks will also be awarded for the structure, clarity and coherence of the argument in your essay, as well as for citations and referencing. (Answer in no more than 1000 words) Main themes: Mood and well-being (fear and sadness/ anxiety and depression) Frederik Toates, Heather McLannahan Addiction: considers how biological, psychological and sociological evidence can be brought to understanding it. Eleanor Dommett Dementia: Alzheimer, perspectives in dementia and the impact that these perspectives have on treatment and care. Claire Rostron

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Mental health treatments and therapies
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