Mental Disorder

Researched Argument Planning
Pre-writing is an invaluable planning tool to help organize and deliver information logically.
To complete this assignment, you should have
1. Completed Research Project Part I, Step 1: Choose a Controversial Topic and Develop a Working
Thesis Statement.
2. Completed Research Project Part I, Step 2: Annotated Bibliography.
3. Reviewed the feedback from Annotated Bibliography and revised thesis statement as needed.
You have already chosen a controversial topic and completed significant research that has helped you
produce an annotated bibliography. Now, develop a plan for your Researched Argument Essay, which
will also be used for your Oral Presentation. Your plan must include evidence from the 3 sources
selected for your Annotated Bibliography. Follow the steps below to complete the Essay Planning
Sheet or the Outline Template provided.
1. Identify the supporting topics based on your thesis statement that will guide each section of
your argument.
2. Find a quote or other useful information for each supporting topic that will serve as evidence
for each supporting topic and include citation.
3. Evaluate the supporting topics and evidence and rearrange your topic order as needed.
4. Develop your conclusion.
5. Develop your introduction.
6. Submit the completed Essay Planning Sheet or Outline Template.
The Outline requires students to:
 Evaluate information from multiple sources.
 Develop an arguable thesis statement that presents a claim.
 Support the claim with evidence from scholarly resources found in IRSC Libraries’ databases.
 Draft original, organized work, act on productive feedback, revise, and edit.
 Adapt communication for tone, purpose, audience, and situation.
 Use essential Standard American English conventions—including appropriate sentence
structure, grammar, and punctuation—and formal, academic composition style.
 Use MLA style for source citation.
This assignment will be graded on the originality and thoughtfulness of your thesis statement and
supporting topics, the relevance of supporting quotes or information, and the logical organization of
your supporting topics, and accurate in-text citations formatted according to MLA style guidelines. Your
submission will also be evaluated on the professional presentation of content with respect to spelling,
grammar, and punctuation.

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