Mental Disorder

Part 1: Outline

Based on the mental disorder that you have chosen to research, draft a basic outline detailing how the topic synopsis will be extended into a paper form. This outline should be very basic, and follow the general format of the paper.

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Mental Disorder
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Remember, your final project will need to include:

· Introduction

· A brief history of the origins of the disorder

· A description of the typical manifestations and symptoms of the disorder

· Information regarding the most effective treatments to date

· Conclusion

· At least 4 academic sources cited in proper APA format

Your outline should be formatted similar to the example below:

Introduction Topic Sentence – what the paper will be about? How the essay will proceed. Section onePoint APoint BPoint CSection twoPoint APoint BPoint Conclusion Summary of the paper. Parting comments regarding current directions/state-of-affairs for the mental disorder you chose.


Part 2: References

You must use and cite at least 4 credible sources in your course project. Provide an APA formatted References page containing the sources that you are currently planning to use.


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