Memo Writing

Assignment 6: Memo Writing

Due Date: See LEARN Calendar and Assigned Dropbox for Due Dates

Assignment Type: Individual


Memo Writing Assignment:

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Memo Writing
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The purpose of writing a memo is to clarify and communicate information to a specific audience. As managers there are times when memos are the best means of communicating specific time sensitive tasks to a number of employees at the same time and also used as a reference tool. The purpose of this assignment is to develop necessary skills to write an effective memo.

Assignment premise: Imagine you are the Front Office Manager at the Red River Inn, who is responsible for ensuring all staff and guests are informed of an upcoming pool closure (for maintenance). You are writing a memo to your staff to inform them of the closure, and what they will need to do.


Address the following with the memo:

· Write your memo using the format discussed in class

· Use business language appropriate to the audience

· The dates of the pool closure are October 30th – December 1st of this year (inclusive)

· Reservations staff will need to advise guests making new reservations

· Front desk will have to advise guests checking in for those dates

· Someone will have to create and print signs to post on the front desk, in the elevators, on the door to the pool area, and put into every guest room (when, and who will do this)

· All staff need to initial the memo to ensure accountability


Submit your assignment using DROPBOX in LEARN, Assignment 6 Memo Writing

Additional Information:

Late assignments will be deducted 10% per day (weekend counts as 2 days).


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