To complete this assignment, you will need to conduct additional research using scholarly journals only. You must utilize a minimum of (2) two scholarly references in the assignment. Scholarly resources are considered: peer-reviewed journal articles (i.e.: ProQuest), government websites, textbooks and criminal justice publications. Failure to provide appropriate references will result in a large point deduction.

You can access scholarly journals by clicking on the Library Link in the Course Introduction section.

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In a 3-4-page (1000 word) essay you will address the following points:

  • Discuss      the history of Megan’s Law.
  • Explain      why the law was created?
  • Explain      how Megan became involved with the law?
  • Describe      how has this law helped with child abductions?

· Length/Formatting Instructions

Length 1000 Words

Referencing system

APA referencing system is necessary in assignments, especially   material copied from the Internet.

For   examples of correct citations, visit the following links:


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