Median / Average

You have been hired by an investment group that wants to learn more about what drives restaurant sales. You have been provided a sample of 173 restaurants located in a medium-sized city. You know the restaurants’ average weekly sales, as well as a number of other variables such as food type, if has road frontage, number of competitors within a certain distance, etc.

Your task is to help the investor better understand the data that has been collected. What can they learn from this data set?

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Median / Average
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Your audience is your client, the investment group.  You can assume that your audience has some very basic knowledge of statistics, and you should explain the implications of statistics you generate to this audience. (They understand mean, median, mode–the basics–but might not  fully understand concepts like standard deviation, percentiles, etc. so those require some explanation as to what the information is communicating. They might understand basics graphs but you need to be sure they understand the “takeaways” of your graphs. Do not “orphan” the graphs.)


· This should be styled as a report with  brief intro or executive summary, a discussion of the data with a clear organizational structure, and conclusion.

· You are limited ONLY to the statistical topics below:

· Mean

· Median / Average

· Min and Max

· Standard deviation

· Variance

· Correlation

· Correlation Matrix

· Your analysis  must  include at least  3 different graphs and no more than 4 . They must be different types of graphs that communicate different information.

· Graphs should be large enough read but no so large that they waste tons of space.

· Do not stretch out graphs in order to take up more space

· Be sure the font inside graphs is readable (both color and font size are appropriate).

· Please have a  blank line  before and after tables and graphs and before section headings.

· Consider putting two graphs next to each other as to not waste a lot of space.


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