Media Literacy Paper

Media Literacy Paper

You will write a 4–5-page paper, double spaced, on a historical American event/topic which has had an impact in the Media as well as worldwide. Explain exactly what happened (the when, where and what for, etc.), why it is considered historical and what its significance is in terms of media literacy. Did it change the way the media treats such events, from the time it happened to this very day? What was its impact socially…culturally…politically, etc., both here and abroad? Did it raise any new issues/problems for future (and similar) media experiences? What evidence supports this? This should be a thought-provoking paper on why this event captured the public’s imagination and why it still resonates today.

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Media Literacy Paper
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Modern Advertising and How It’s Changed to Include More Minorities/Interest Groups


**Please include a list of sources that you used.


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