Math anxiety

Questions for Discussion

A. Math anxiety doesn’t mean you are bad at Math – here is what research says

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Math anxiety
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For all those who have been facing Math anxiety, this should be a bit relaxing video as it not something that you have to really worry about but try to conquer it with confidence and motivation. Resilience and perseverance are very important aspects in this process of achieving success in overcoming the fear towards learning Math. And I hope this video will provide you some inspiration to continue the class with more powerful and positive attitude.

Note: By the way, this video is posted by TED Ed. TED is a famous organization started in 1984 which addresses a wide range of topics within the research. There were many famous speakers like Bill Gates, David Cameron, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and many other Nobel Prize winners who spread their ideas through this platform. I feel that it is worth watching and believing in the ideas.


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