Maternal Mortality

Similar observations were made in a study conducted by Nichols and Cohen, between 2006 and 2018 to examine the methods used to improve the results of maternal mortality in California. The study was conducted using a scoping review to evaluate research on women and maternal health in the United States. The researchers used information from the US Maternal Fetal Medicine Network to measure the percentage of studies where pregnant women, women, and children were the main focus. The researchers also reviewed documentation on healthcare policies and practices from California‚Äôs public health department, healthcare foundation, and Maternal Quality Care Collaborative. Nichols and Cohen found that although the health of fetus and children could be adversely affected by the health of the mother, the majority of maternal programs in the United States places emphasis on the child. The researchers also found four areas of concern in women health experiences, both in pre and postnatal care. The problem areas entailed inadequate investment in women’s health, inefficient quality of care and avoidable caesarean delivers, expanding disparities in minority women and women living in rural areas, and contradictory collection and distribution of data

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Maternal Mortality
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